'Pickle' food scraps in just a bucket.

Whether you're in a city apartment or the countryside, our Pickled Composting Flakes transform all food waste into a nutrient-rich superfood for your plants, garden, or soil.

With a Pickled Compost system you can compost all foods including:

  • meat scraps, fat and bones
  • seafood/fish waste (incl. frames, shells)
  • cooked food/baked goods (incl. rice, bread, pastries)
  • dairy products
  • citrus etc.

This means you can 'say goodbye' to throwing food in the bin - helping give greenhouse gases the boot - one pickle at a time.

Let's get pickling!

How does it work?

To kickstart the pickling process we've created 'Pickled Composting Flakes' which contain beneficial bugs (microbes) that ferment or ‘pickle’ food material. 

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