At 'Pickled' we make it easier to compost all food using a system that ferments or 'pickles' scraps - commonly known as Bokashi.

Bokashi is a Japanese word that translates to 'fermented organic waste'.

It is a process of fermenting or ‘pickling’ food scraps. It involves adding food scraps to an airtight container and then covering food scraps with granules containing beneficial bugs (microbes) that ferment food in an anaerobic environment (i.e. with no oxygen). 

It essentially makes any food item compostable.  Yes that's right  - almost any food item!  Raw and cooked meat, fish, bones, shells, leftovers, dairy products and citrus that normally take a long time to breakdown (not to mention attract pests), can all be pickled!

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Pickled food scraps have many uses

Once food scraps are fully pickled, the solid gets either added to your home compost or buried in your garden soil - breaking down 1.5 times faster than in its original form and adding loads of nutrients to your soil!

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Food scraps are part of a circular system

Our founder Lydia is a longtime fan of food, but food waste.. not so much.  As a Registered Nutritionist and an Urban Farmer, Lydia has made it her double mission to address not only the food we eat, but to enable the use of food scraps to build soil for growing nutritious food. 

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