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"..the largest proportion of food wasted in New Zealand comes from households" - Love Food, Hate Waste

This is a hard pill to swallow, as most of us care about reducing waste and feel guilty about throwing food away.  

Food waste can be reduced by planning meals but no matter how hard we try, it’s not always easy to avoid wasting food completely. 

To add to this conundrum, a large percentage (48%) of household general waste contains food that is not safe to eat such as bones, shells, banana skins, and food past its expiry date.  When added directly to a home compost these inedible food items usually create unpleasant smells, attract pests and take longer to breakdown. 

But just because these items are not edible or easy to compost, does not mean they do not have nutrient value!  

The beauty with bokashi or pickling inedible food scraps such as bones, shells, food past its use by date, is that once fully pickled these foods break down nearly twice as fast in soil, releasing essential nutrients to grow nutritious food.

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